Hardiness Zones
To help you choose plants suitable for your area of the country
we have developed a zoning system. The British Isles is divided into eight zones and every plant on our list is allotted to the zones it can reasonably be expected to grow in.
Click on the links below for enlarged maps with towns which will enable you to decide your location and therefore basic zone.
After this other factors come into play which can allow you to grow plants from a warmer zone (i.e lower zone rating)
Examples include;
A central city location
By south and west facing walls
Well drained soil
Evergreen overhangs
By the sea
Air drained slopes etc;

You also have the option of mulching or covering plants in the winter.
If you are in an exposed position, a north facing elevation, a frost pocket or over-wet ground, err on the side of caution and use plants with a higher zone rating.
Of course, you can always overwinter plants from a warmer zone than your own (i.e lower zone rating) in a conservatory or greenhouse.